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All prices include taxes and Green Circles eco fee. 

Colour services may vary on amount of product used and extra time that may be needed.  

Hair Cuts

Womens                                         $58.39                       

Mens                                          $36.08

Clares Mens                                   $44

Clares clients only 

Buzz Cut                                    $20.19

One guard clippers all over 

Kids Cut

prices will vary

Ages 0-12 dry cut 

Blow outs/styles

Short Blow out


Long Blow out                          $45.35

Roller Set


Roller Set & Cut                             $63.91

Updo With Trial                  $118.81

Updo Without Trial                     $80.71

Color & Highlights

Highlights                            $170 - $200

Partial Highlights

up to 10 Foils


All over Semi-permanent 


Balayage           $91.50 per hour

Please book a consultation if you are a new client to the salon

All over color single Process

Roots to ends coverage


Roots touch up

this price is for regular  root touch up (roots no longer than an inch, longer root may result in a price increase) 


Color Correction

Consultation required before booking 


Chemical texturing (perms)

Short Perm                                   $118.35

Above Shoulders length 

Medium Perm                             $133.35

4 inch Below Shoulder length

Spiral Perm

Consultation required before booking 


Long Perm                                     $151.35

Longer than 4 inch below shoulder length 


Loma Deep Conditioning Treatment 


Moisturizing treatment

Gloss/Tone Add on


Oliplex Bond Building Treatment

 Helps prevent damage during all color services & helps prolong color retention and vibrancy


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